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old has pneumonia

symptoms mean and

what you should do nextTherefore, even after a lung infection has been cured, the

residual inflammation can takes several weeks to clear, with a corresponding

gradual improvement in air entry Comprar Levitra to the affected lung, and a return towards

normal lung function.

Practically, this will mean your daughter is likely to continue

coughing for some time, but should not have a fever.

The doctors will have worked out the correct treatment at the

optimum dosage for the required length of Masterton Rentals time. There should be no need to

worry about a relapse.

Your daughter's tiredness is most likely a natural consequence

of her body having been busy 'fighting the bug' and the old self should

reappear with time.

Her family doctor or hospital specialist are likely to want to

follow up to ensure her chest recovers satisfactorily and to exclude any

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