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´╗┐Pan IIT meet is all about nation

The event is expected to see the participation of 3,000 IIT alumni annd a galaxy of eminent speakers.

Among the speakers will be Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, Home Minister P Chidambaram, industrialist L N Mittal, Tat Steel MD B Muthuraman, and many others.

Dr R Nagarajan, professor, department of chemical engineering, IIT Madras,hosted a chat on Friday, December 12 on what the Pan IIT event is all about.

Prior to taking up this academic position in 2004, Nagarajan was a world renowned expert in the areas of chemical integration and contamination control during his 15 year tenure with IBM Storage Systems Division in San Jose, California.

He obtained his PhD in chemical engineering from Yale University in 1986 and a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering in 1981 from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Here is the transcript:

vaani asked,what is the agenda of Pan IIT event?????

Nagarajan answers, at 2008 12 12 15:19:56Hi! This is Nagarajan. I'm a Professor in Chem Eng at IIT Madras, and co Chair of the Program Committee for PanIIT 2008. I'll be trying to answer your questions in this session. iit chennai says,How is it different from previous global conferences

Wonderful asked,The Pan IIT alumni organisation favours affirmative action but is opposed to reservations for Other Backward Classes in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. Why?

Nagarajan answers,I don't really want to speak for the PanIIT organization, as my role is presently limited to the 2008 Meet. RameshPandya asked,Does India have the proper R infrastructure? What should be done to promote it?

Nagarajan answers,We have two sessions in the "Research" track to address this: "Inputs Outputs", "Research Ecosystem". Please see session outlines abstracts on PanIIT 2008 website. Debabrata asked,We (I am an IIT ian myself) have long been accused of leaving India after we compelte our studies and not returning because of the 'good life' abroad. I, for Billig Generisk Cialis one, don't exactly subscribe to this view. What are your thoughts on it, Sir?

Nagarajan answers,The recently concluded IIT Impact Study lends credence to your view. A significant fraction of IIT alumni are in India, and of them, many have returned after being abroad. Kusum asked, Sir, in spite of all the hype "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" we see very little R work being done here. Yet these IITians go to the US and are known to contribute incredibly to that country's science and technology. Why is this happening

Nagarajan answers,Again, in the "Research Ecosystem" and Input/Output sessions, R quality will be examined in greater detail at the Meet. R flourishes when the process of R is optimized, to speak like a Chem Engr. You need high quality input, and high quality process resources (faculty, ecosystem) to make it succeed. ManojS asked,What are your expectations from Pan IIT meet?

Nagarajan answers,We expect solid action items to result from each of the 18 sessions to point the way forward for PanIIT to impact the nation in a positive way. In particular, Education, Research, Innovation, Rural Transformation, Enterpreneurship Infrastructure will be the focus areas. Sambhav asked,What is this Pan IIT meeting all about. Can I participate in it? I am not an IIT ian though.

Nagarajan answers,Only IIT alumni faculty can register as delegates attend. However, we do have speakers panelists who are neither. AnilJ asked,WHAT EXACTLY THESE 3000 PEOPLE WILL DO AT PAN IIT MEET

Nagarajan answers,What people usually do at conferences mingle, network, have fun, do some serious work, learn some new things, carry something back. Nikhil asked,Hello sir, i'm myself iitian i doesn't see much job opportunities ( Technical job) although there is much hype because of entry of many financial i banking and consultancy firm, is it right for students of prominent technological institute of India to take such jobs after learning so much technology

Nagarajan answers,Enginering technology are transferable skills. For example, in Chem Eng, you would learn process analysis, control optimization; these can be applied to any process, from coding to nuclear technology. I would like more IIT grads to stay in core engg areas, but it's their life, their choice. Aparajit asked,What do you think are IITians' biggest contribution to India?

Nagarajan answers,Again, a formal IIT Impact Study has been completed, and the full report will be released by the PM at the Meet. A short write up is on the website. It appears that for every paise spent by the Govt on an IIT students, they have received appr 5 paise value through job creation, value addition, leadership, etc. Kohinoor asked,We are proud of IIT and the glory it has attracted abroad. But one does not hear much about what IIT ians have done within India to help the poor. I am sure they must have. could you tell us something on this, please?

Nagarajan answers,Many IITians are individually involved in social work. Sparsh asked,I recently read that every IITian has created 100 jobs, says a survey conducted by the PanIIT group. How can anyone believe this? Your own survey praising yourself?

Nagarajan answers,I suggest that we all wait for the full report to become public, and then draw our own conclusions. There are many IIT alumni entrepreneurs in India, and every major Corporate has many IITians in decision making roles. I can see how that claim may be valid. krishna asked,What is your take on relevance of PAN IIT Meets like these in India in the present global scenario?

Nagarajan answers,Whether this is in the context of the financia meltdown or terrorism, living our lives in a "normal" mode is our best response. We will take necessary precautions, make necessary adjustments, but "the show must go on". Mannu asked,What is it about IITs that helps produce excellent professionals? Where do other educational institutes go wrong?

Nagarajan answers,You start with high quality students, and accomplished faculty. You put the two together, and good things will happen. The IIT environment is free of Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop political and other extraneous influences (to a large extent), which certainly helps all to focus on education research.

Nagarajan Buy Cialis Switzerland answers,Anyone who gets involved in politics becomes a politician; so will an IITian. That is the reality. Politics is "Anabolika Definition" a dirty game, and that's, unfortunately, the only way to play it. In other words, IITians in politics will face the same constraints and respond similarly, in my opinion. LaluP asked,Will the Pan IIT meet also discuss ways to bring IT to the rural India? What do you think can IIT ians do to help bridge the digital divide in Idnia? ANd what kind of help do you think should the goet provide for this?

Nagarajan Sustanon 250 4 Ml A Week answers,More IITs physical, virtual, equivalent are needed to serve the demand of students and society. If other technical institutions Oral Steroids No Pct can be raised to IIT level, possibly with IIT help, all the better. IItian asked,Shouldn't you guys be talking about how to secure india from terror attacks by using technology, instead of only networking for your own benefit? Please sir let us know your thougths on this.

Nagarajan answers,Stephen Cohen, strategic thinker from Brookings Inst, has offered Masteron Side Effects For Women' to conduct a special session on this subject, on Dec 20th morning. ffff asked,Hello sir, it is often said that a pan IIT meet is full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Is it true?

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